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Active Funding Group,  LLC  ("AFG") is a specialty finance company based in Scottsdale Arizona. The company exclusively specializes in providing short term, asset based loans to professional real estate investors who are purchasing distressed real property assets.  AFG does not provide any form of consumer finance and we do not solicit nor will we accept loan applications from consumers or owner occupants.  AFG's typical borrower is a professional real estate investor who is purchasing properties through a variety of distressed asset acquisition "pipelines" including Trustee sales, short sales, bank recovered assets and any other acquisition platform where the Seller of the asset is willing to discount the asset price in exchange for the speed and convenience of rapidly occuring acquisition funding, and the certainty of a sale being completed.

AFG has focused its entire business model around delivering funds to its borrowers without the pain points that have been associated with investor lending for decades. The company prides itself on its finely tuned platform which produces a a very efficient and streamlined delivery pipeline for immediate loan funds to the borrower. The loan application process is simple and web based. The company also offers a mobile app for loan applications. Loan approvals in the form of "offers of financing" are submitted to the loan applicant via email typically within a few hours of the company receiving the on-line loan application. The company does not guarantee a loan funding timeframe but approved loans are generally funded within 24 hours of borrower acceptance of AFG's offer of financing.

As a true asset based lender, AFG does not consider the financial condition of the borrower (even though the company requires a guarantee from its borrowers) as a determining factor in the loan approval process, but instead exclusively relies upon the value of the asset being pledged as collateral by the borrower.

AFG operates as a principal capital investor and direct lender. We are not brokers, or agents. We do not sell loans or provide consulting services to 3rd party investors. When you deal with AFG you are dealing directly with the decision makers who have 100% control over the approval process.